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  1. mbah bikin artikel in bahasa lagi ah ga seru kalo versi inggris, si mbah kaya lagi ngedumel sendiri ga ada yang kasih komen kecuali segelintir aja….ayo mbah kaya kemaren2 artikel2 mbah enak di baca dan perlu

  2. Pelan pelan mbah infonya bikin kelagepan, beer, seks dll, takut yg baca masih labil jadi culture shock. Might wanna slow down a bit ma broda.

  3. “The World”…what a really difficult place to live in this modern era ;a Darwin’s theory, natural selection, the survival of the fittest; all sounds like the hell to me!!! i just wanna live in peace and sharing peacefullnes to others not by grabbing other’s possessions or taking prosperity as lot as possible! the world is not only for the wealthy, the best, the richest but also a shelter for the weakest, the poor, the unfortunate to spend their life temporaly until eternity….. Budha is not rich but always smile in happiness.

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